Enhanced Plan

more 2 life’s Enhanced Plan lets your client release even more money from their property than a standard lifetime mortgage, simply by taking into account their health and lifestyle choices.  Our Enhanced Plan is available for people with a range of health conditions or lifestyle choices including high blood pressure, diabetes, a high weight to height ratio or a history of smoking.  Generally, the more serious the condition or lifestyle choice, the more money your client could release.

Enhanced Plan at a glance:

  • Takes into account health and lifestyle conditions to allow a larger release
  • No medical examination required
  • No monthly repayments
  • The loan, plus interest, is repaid when the property is sold
  • Cash facility available so your client can release more money in stages if they wish to*
  • Protected Equity Guarantee option meaning an inheritance can be guaranteed to your clients’ beneficiaries
  • Straight forward application process with instant underwriting.

Medical underwriting

The easy to use and sophisticated online medical underwriting system means that after inputting some basic customer information and answering 13 simple questions (with yes/no answers), a medical underwriting results page will be generated containing a unique medical underwriting reference number.

You must print the medical underwriting results page and supply this when sending the case to us. It is important that you either note or copy your unique medical underwriting reference number as you will need this to produce the relevant Key Facts Illustration (KFI) for the Enhanced Plan. If you only require the Protected Plan then you do not need a medical underwriting reference number. We would still encourage you to complete the health and lifestyle questions as relatively minor factors, such as age differences between applicants, can sometimes mean your clients will qualify for the Enhanced Plan.

When signing in to the website, click on the link for a medical underwriting reference to be taken to the health and lifestyle question section.

*Subject to prevailing criteria at the time of application for further funds.