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What next?

To find out if you qualify for a lifetime mortgage and whether it is right for you, you’ll need to meet with a specialist adviser. Getting tailored advice from a qualified expert is important; they’ll be able to:

  • Explain the different options in more detail.
  • Show you what a plan is likely to cost.
  • Carry out the application process.

With a lifetime mortgage the loan is secured against your home. Equity release will reduce the value of your estate and may affect your entitlement to means-tested benefits. You should always think carefully before securing a loan against your home.

Getting expert advice

At more 2 life, we believe passionately in the value of specialist, independent advice. We work closely with a number of trusted partners who offer professional advice across the whole range of equity release plans available on the market, including more 2 life lifetime mortgages. 

Visit their websites to see how they can help. Alternatively, you can visit the Equity Release Council’s website to find a local adviser (details below).

Equity Release Council (ERC)

The ERC is the industry body for the equity release sector and maintains a list of qualified advisers who can provide appropriate advice and information on equity release plans. Visit their website and click on 'Membership' to find an adviser local to you.

You can view a copy of the Statement of Principles  on The Equity Release Council's website.