What is fastpath?

fastpath, our online application portal, is truly our secret weapon. And unlike other provider portals in the equity release market, fastpath is designed to reduce admin and streamline the entire application process. It was the first online, paperless, end-to-end system in the equity release market, and takes you from KFI through to completion in one seamless, digital journey.

How does fastpath work?

Being the first online end-to-end system in the equity release market, fastpath helps you take a client from KFI all the way to completion without filling in any paperwork! This combined with automated, digital processes means you can spend less time doing paperwork, and more time growing your business.

Save time

with no duplication of work, automatic checks and automatic instructions to solicitors and valuers

Reduce Workload

with real-time updates to help you process business quicker and get your clients funds released faster

Less Admin

with no signature required and all details are available online including valuation and offer information

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